Bridging the Gap!

Forward Spark bridges the gap between Lenders, Borrowers and Solutions Providers in a safe, easy to use platform, designed…

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Digital Deal Management

Our safe, secure process walks all parties through the core components of the deal process, in 5 Steps…

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Solutions Provider

As Borrower proposal(s) are identified, our growing network of Solutions Providers will present relevant solutions content and…

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Fast Spark

To help faster move Solution to Borrower, Business to Production, and Lender to Income, watch for the Fast Spark…

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Safe Passage

Our suite of safe passage partner services are vetted to provide services and capabilities to enhance

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The Process

Safe, secure process walks all parties through the core components of the deal process. Our 5-Spark journey

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Wired-25_Arlan-Hamilton-Katie-Rae (1)

Arlan Hamilton and Katie Rae Say Tech Can Do Well—and Do Good

SILICON VALLEY HAS long been criticized for operating under an erroneous binary: You must choose between profit or positive social impact. As people around the nation face an ongoing public health emergency, overlapping climate crises, and a long-delayed reckoning with race, more people are calling on the tech industry to prioritize social impact over profits. Two vanguard venture capitalists are sending shockwaves through Big Tech by arguing it doesn’t have to choose.

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2021 Predictions: Why these tech, science and startup leaders are upbeat about the year ahead

An “incredibly dynamic year of change,” a “new hope,” and a “gangbusters” year in which the tech sector will come “roaring back.” Those are some of the phrases used by Pacific Northwest tech, science and business leaders to describe their outlook for 2021 ― offering a sense of optimism as we emerge from an extraordinarily challenging year.

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Here are more than 50 women VCs and angel investors backing startups in Seattle and Portland

Studies show that women-led startups outperform their male counterparts in revenue. Other research indicates that companies with more gender diversity generate better financial returns. Yet less than 3 percent of venture capital dollars went to all-women founding teams last year. That’s just $2.5 billion of the $84 billion raised by startups in 2017.

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