Digital Contract/Deal Management

Our safe, secure process walks all parties through the core components of the deal process:

Registration – Create/Login My Account (link to My Account page)

Spark 1 Borrower Proposal/concept

Using the form provided, Borrower enters the details of their proposal and submits for Lenders review/negotiation.

Spark 2 Solutions Providers expertise

Based on content of the proposal, applicable Solutions Providers offers from our extensive partner Vendors will be provided.

Spark 3 Borrower/Lender/Solutions Provider Counter(s)

Communication and negotiation between parties to discuss and confirm components of the deal.

Spark 4 Borrower/Lender Agreement

Borrower and Lender complete applicable sections of the Lending Agreement

Spark 5 A new Spark is Executed!

Borrower and Lender e-sign Lender Agreement. All parties relevant information are released, applicable fees are collected and Agreement is executed.

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