Forward Spark bridges the gap between Lenders, Borrowers and Solutions Providers in a safe, easy to use platform, designed to maximize opportunity for connections between Lender, Borrower, Solutions Provider based on relevant needs.

Our growing base of Borrowers and Lenders ensures the best opportunity for matching Lenders goals with Borrower needs, while advertising from Solutions Providers convey meaningful sparks of ideas throughout the process.

Secured Deal Strategy

Our safe, secure process walks all parties through the core components of the deal process, in 5 Steps.
Our unique strategy of Secured Credit/Lending adds a powerful component, with benefits to all Parties!

  • Borrowers, have peace of mind knowing that the equipment needed for growth is on the horizon.
  • Lenders, have the security of physical collateral against their Credit/Lending.
  • Solutions Providers, are included in the deal from the very start, allowing forecasting and planning for efficient product placement.


As Borrower proposal(s) are identified, our growing base of Solutions Providers will present relevant solutions content for consideration.

Many with exclusive benefits to Forward Spark Borrowers, including education, training AND discounted offerings!


To help faster move Solution to Borrower, Business to Production, and Lender to Income, watch for the Fast Spark icon and click to learn more about additional deal incentives!


Borrower Credit Verification (with Borrower authorization)
Insurance Protection
Legal Counsel
Notary Services Available

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